Saturday, February 12, 2011

I used for another class when I was getting overwhelmed with bookmarks.  I liked the concept of it but then didn't really use it much for my next class or for personal uses.  Why not?  I don't know!  It's really handy.  I think I was a little confused when I set up my "Bookmark on Delicious" system in the first place; for some reason it seemed harder to do than it really was, and I ended up only using it on one computer, and etc.   Now I am really ready to use this very amazing resource.  I still need to work on understanding how I would begin looking at other people's bookmarks and how I could link up with other people at my school. 

I'm going to ask around at my school and see if many teachers use delicious.  Because teachers have to use many different computers during a school day, portable bookmarks could make life so much easier for them.  I wonder if there would be a way to set up a "school" delicious account where any teacher could log in to the same account and post great bookmarks for everyone else to see.  Probably just as easy for everyone to get his/her own account and then link up.  I've got more to learn with this technology.

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  1. If you use diigo you can set up groups where you can all pool your resources. You could also have a tag that you and your colleagues share. Or a delicious site that bookmarks everyone's delicious sites!