Thursday, February 10, 2011

Website Challenges

I’ve been hard at work on my school website.  It’s not part of our week’s assignment, of course, but it has been interesting to compare the school site to blogger.  Blogger seems much easier to use and is much more intuitive.  Working on the school site made me want to tear out my hair because nothing was self-explanatory, and I had to keep referring to some hard-to-understand instructions from IT.  Eventually I realized that I was working on two websites simultaneously, one with my name and one called Library.  I couldn’t understand why the changes I had just made weren’t showing up—well, they were, just on a different webpage!  With that mystery solved, I’m able to move on to create my website. I’m thinking of ways to link wikis to the webpage.  I’ve felt remiss not having a school webpage up, so I'm glad to get this project done despite the frustrations. 

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