Sunday, March 20, 2011


My husband got a Kindle this past Christmas after a couple years of back and forth on whether or not to get  one.  He likes it, but my observations have revealed that he only uses it to play a scrambled word game!  I hadn't really played with it for more than a couple of minutes until last night, and my verdict after about 45 minutes of looking through the how-to guide (well, I'm a digital immigrant!) and reading a chapter of Pride and Prejudice is----I like it.  Because I am pre-bifocal but moving quickly toward the reality of needing bifocals, readability is my primary concern.  I think the screen is too dim, but it seems like one of the attachable reading lights would take care of that problem.  I really liked that the Kindle allows me to increase the text size.  This is wonderful for my tired eyes!  From taking online classes, I've gotten used to reading online, so my reading experience was comfortable.  I didn't miss the actual experience of turning the pages, but I didn't like the placement of the page-turning buttons on the device.  It seems to me that they should have figured out where people's thumbs would rest and place the forward button there, but instead that's where the reverse button is.  I didn't get into learning how to highlight or any other fancy tricks, though I'm curious to learn more and see how adding notes to an ebook text compares to working with a paper text.

I have been looking forward to reading Jonathan Franzen's long and heavy book, Freedom, and I just might buy it for Kindle reading, if my husband is willing to share with me!

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  1. Nice post - you are the first person to mention that it keeps you from having to have massive upper body strength to read some of these books!