Saturday, March 5, 2011

Online Media

For me the theme of this week was mini-frustrations and not enough time to go as deeply as I wanted to. I played with podcasting on Garageband. Eventually I figured things out, but for a long time, for no known reason, no sound would record. I consulted my teen son, and he didn't know why and then, again for no known reason, the recording worked. I didn't produce anything besides a few sentences, but still I think I've got the idea now. I read about VoiceThread but didn't really get to practice with it. I was a little frustrated with the Education Podcast Network because you couldn't easily search by topic, though I loved seeing (hearing) examples of student work, especially the programs that really were like radio shows, with several students working together, rather than one child just recording his/her voice alone. I was excited to explore youtube as an educational resource, and I found a number of podcasts on itunes that I'd like to listen to sometime. All in all, I'm going to need to come back and learn more about some of these resources when I've got a bit more time. I guess knowing what's available is the first step toward knowing how to use it.

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